Right treatment, right patient, right time

Evento gratuito online sull'ottimizzazione delle risorse sanitarie nel trattamento dei DCA

Right treatment, right patient, right time

The effectiveness of eating disorder treatment is influenced by the extent to which level and type of care is matched to patient needs. It is common for medical factors and life interference to be assessed. However, patient readiness is a consistent strong predictor of outcome, and also needs to be considered.

This presentation describes the Short Treatment Allocation Tool for Eating Disorders, created in Canada as part of the British Columbia Clinical Practice Guidelines. This evidence-based tool provides stakeholders with a common language and tool to ensure that health care resources are maximized, promoting best patient outcomes.

* Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia

  • Data: 15.06.23 (h. 17.30) - 15.06.23 (h. 19.00)
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