Clinical Approaches to Eating Disorders in the LGBTQI+ Community


Clinical Approaches to Eating Disorders in the LGBTQI+ Community

LGBTQI+ people are a complex minority. The acronym “LGBTQI+” as a sum of different Sexual and Gender Minorities defines: Lesbian, Gay, Bisex, Transgender, Questioning and Intersex. It also includes all the sexual and gender minorities that have not been listed or studied yet.


Scientific literature shows that gender minority groups are at elevated risk for experiencing disordered eating behaviours (purging, fasting, dieting, binge eating), Body Image concerns and dissatisfaction, EDs and Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).


Furthermore, the sexual minority population has a potentially heightened risk of overweight and obesity as compared to straight peers. Scientific literature underlines the connection between epigenetic and gender specific stressors (prejudice, homo-bi-trans-phobia) and obesity.


For these reasons, the AED European Chapter promote specific recommendations for LGBTQI+ patients with EDs. So it’s important to introduce specific tools in the assessment:

  1. Sex & and Gender Orienteering questionnaire as a valid instrument to distinguish at least four axes of Sexual and Gender Minorities.
  2. Affirmative reception of LGBTQI+ people: It is particularly useful in adolescence and childhood.


This webinar, in addition to presenting the Recommendations, shows a simulated clinical situation so that participants can draw the most concrete working indications.

With Lia Manzato and Manlio Converti

  • Data: 23.11.23 (h. 16.30) - 23.11.23 (h. 17.30)
  • Parole chiave: clinica, DAN, LGBTQI+, webinar
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